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Finer Fitness ... Fitness-Focused Activities


On our Finer Fitness page we provide women –oriented fitness information and ideas to encourage women to become healthier through engaging in fitness-focused activities. Fitness-Focused Activities are those that bring motion to the body. Calling it exercise is too constraining to the range of included activities, whether it’s dancing, hiking, biking, jogging, walking, etc. Whatever the motion, the idea is to improve fitness by putting your body in motion.


We will introduce you to new fitness ideas as well as remind you of some longstanding fitness activities that are easy and effective. Check-out our Events on our Partners page for scheduled Fitness Meet-Ups.

12 Rounds Boxing Boot Camp

12-Rounds Boxing Boot Camp home video is a boxing inspired workout for women. The video comes with a jump rope, a medicine ball, and 20lb boxing gloves. The purpose of the empower fitness products is to “encourage women to be active, healthy, and strong in every aspect of their lives.” The video “is designed to bring out the strength and confidence of any woman – whether she is headed to the boxing ring or to the beach.” Check out other workout videos and fitness products at 

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